We all should be able to get married gay or straight!

When I started my company I didn’t use my own name (Dimopoulos), as it doesn’t roll of the tongue very well. So I came up with the name My Love Story. It made sense to me as I was telling stories of couples love and connection with one another.

I was horrified to see in this day and age on BBC Question Time that we are even having the debate that homosexual people should be allowed to marry like heterosexual people! Of course they should. Why should we confuse and complicate things by having different terminology for when two people come together to elope just because of their sexual preference. We don’t for people with different colour skin because it would simply be wrong. The same goes in this case. It scares me that we live in a so called “developed nation” but it takes us so long to implement what I see as basic human rights.

When naming my company it never crossed my mind to call it My Straight Love Story or My Gay Love Story.

Marriage is Marriage

Love is Love


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