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This visit to the jewellers started back last August, when my girlfriend and I were left at my cousins family holiday home on the island of Zia (Greece) without a car. We decided to negotiate ancient walks around the island. One took us down to a beautiful secluded bay where I found this shell which I though would make a nice necklace for my girlfriend. This shell took added significance as a reminder to the difficulty we found ourselves in, in the hours that followed. The sun began to set and as we were heading back we lost our pathway through the woods. It took us a good hour of searching to find the path again and almost got to the point where we thought we would have to share a bed with the goats! To our relief we made it home just before darkness fell.

A few months ago I did a Wedding Fayre where I met the very lovely Alicja from Holts Jewellery www.holtsgems.com. I told her the story and how I wanted to turn this shell into a necklace. She was like ‘no problem, come and see us’. The other day in a rush to sort a present out for our 6th anniversary I thought I would finally have this necklace made. I cycled down to the BLING street that is Hatton Gardens. I felt a bit inadequate with my little shell surrounded by so much shiny stuff! However, I needn’t have as Alicja put me at ease straight away. We discussed what could be done, she listened to my ideas and nothing was a problem. It was all sorted in less than a week and the girlfriend was very pleased, as was I.

I always listen to my clients and try to provide a service were they feel they can come to me and nothing is too hard to achieve with a little effort. This is exactly how I felt when I went in to Holts and it was a breath of fresh air compared to my experiences with so many companies. Can’t recommend them enough!

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