A lot of our digital lives get saved up to the web via sites like Facebook and Flickr. So why not all of our digital files and photos? It has many advantages, like when our hard-drives go BOOM, or your laptop is stolen! Here at My Love Story we do everything on the day and afterwards to make sure we do not loose any of those precious pictures we take. Everything is double backed up on the day and then backed up again at the studio.

What I have found really useful is a new web based solution called Drop Box its supper easy to set up and it’s like is having another folder on your computer. The difference is that any files you put in there are saved to Drop Box servers so you can access them from anywhere. Although this is not a totally new idea, what Drop Box do so well is make it incredibly easy to use. You can set it up on multiple computers and even your mobile phone. You can also let other people access these folders so its easy to share and collaborate.

You should always back up in as many ways as possible to avoid the upset when you do loose your files! You can always replace the hardware but memories cannot!

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