It was the beginning of September at 5:45am and I had arrived in an iconic black cab in one of the most iconic parts of London. I found myself next to St. Paul’s in a London still fresh from the 2012 Olympic Games and I was here to photograph a portrait shoot for a Canadian couple.

In the end it was cancelled due to a delay in their flight but as it was one of those rare mornings where the light had this ethereal quality I decided to walk home before catching my flight. It gave me the time to reflect on the crazy energy I had experienced photographing 10 weddings over the last 5 weeks and how it might be my time soon. Little did Jemima know that I was soon to ask her to marry me on a special trip to the Greek island of Kimolos.

Nearly a year on and we are now organising our day in October. I just hope we manage to encapsulate the same energy of the many weddings I have photographed which have been true celebrations of the couple and those closest to them.

Kimolos. One of the many times I hope to meet you.

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