Just received a testimonial from the recent wedding of David & Eleanor and I was very pleased!

“We’re not the sort of couple that document our whole lives with photos, so when it came to planning our wedding, we didn’t at first give the photography a lot of thought. However, through some very lucky coincidences, we found Alex at My Love Story. And we’re very glad we did.

Alex created a proposal and pricing structure that suited us, and made the most of his talents. He really took the time to understand us and get to know us as people, rather than push us on ‘the theme’ or ‘the image’ for our wedding, which was a relief, as neither of these things were important to us. We spoke on the phone a lot and met up for an evening to get to know each other, which was very good fun. The end result was that come the big day, having Alex there was like having another friend in attendance. It felt totally natural and really added to the excitement and enjoyment.

I opted not to have any of the traditional ‘getting ready’ shots, so instead Alex was able to focus on the Church, and on the Groom and his friends, which in hindsight was really special to me – I loved those pictures in particular because it gave me such pleasure seeing the day through someone else’s experience. Alex’s style for our wedding was very reportage, candid shots with a big focus on detail and individuality, as we’d requested.

Alex excels at capturing people at their best. Without exception, everybody in our photography is smiling, which really mattered to David and I. For the few posed shots we requested, Alex made everybody feel relaxed and rather than offer strict direction on where to stand and what to do, he just encouraged people to be themselves. The results are stunning – we were lucky with wonderful weather, which, mixed with the bright colours and fabulous outfits of friends and family, has made for beautiful pictures.

When I look at the shots from the wedding, I can almost hear the voices of the people in them, because they are so spontaneously taken, they look as if they should have a sound to them, rather than being flat, posed tableaus. This was an unexpected bonus for me, and made me even more grateful for Alex’s good work.

Alex stayed longer than we asked him to, resulting in some brilliant late night shots. He saw things we didn’t, meaning that we were able to enjoy the day all over again when we got back from our honeymoon, with added points of view. He made me feel special, shot the groom at his most handsome, captured the love and happiness we felt from our family and friends, and just provided us with the best memories we could have wished for. Without question the best decision we nearly didn’t make!

Hire him, he’s superfly.”

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