As we bring a close to the year I thought it be nice to have a look back at the best wedding photography. Not just the past 12 months but looking back to where it all started for me. What a journey it has been! This year, I celebrated 12 years of being a professional photographer, photographing weddings and couples. It's been a slightly longer time from when I photographed my first wedding but 2011 was my first full year from when I was getting booked up, so it has been well over a decade!

What a time it has been. We got married, moved and renovated a house, welcomed two amazing children into our lives and photographed weddings all over the UK and the World along the way.

So I thought it was time to celebrate and take stock of the journey so far.
Some of you eagle-eyed people may have noticed a quiet rebrand and new website this year. That was the first part of the big stories for 2023. A fresh new look. Something that is in line with my current work and gives a better experience of my photography. I am very happy with the results.

We also have been very blessed to have some incredible features on some of the biggest wedding photography blogs and magazines, including Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, Style Me Pretty, One Fab Day, Coco Weddings and Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine… to name a few.

For the second part, I thought it would be nice to do a retrospective and show some of the best wedding photography from over the years. It has been an epic journey in many senses. I have met many amazing couples and a lot of wonderful people who pour their hearts and souls into every wedding they create for them. Making a lot of new friends along the way.

I have travelled all over the world photographing weddings. Greece, Portugal, the USA, Bali, and France, to name a few. What has been fantastic… all the travelling has given me a new perspective on the UK and made me appreciate it more. Getting invited to all these beautiful weddings from Edinburgh to Cornwall and visiting places and venues I would never have seen unless I was asked to these special occasions.

I leave you with a beautiful quote I love that conveys how I approach weddings. There have been many days of "splendid strangers" on this journey and hopefully, you enjoy all these wonderful wedding photography moments. Many have never been published. I am getting booked up for next year but please contact me if you would like me to photograph your wedding. It is always privileged.

"How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it; if you could really look at other men with common curiosity and pleasure; if you could see them walking as they are in their sunny selfishness and their virile indifference! You would begin to be interested in them, because they are not interested in you. You would break out of this tiny and tawdry theatre in which your own little plot is always played, and you would find yourself under a freer sky, in a street full of splendid strangers." G.K. Chesterton

Best Wedding Photography

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