I am so happy to share the beautiful Landmark Arts Centre wedding of Nathan and Chris! They married on the 19th of September at the stunning Landmark Arts Centre in London.

2022 has definitely been a year of beautiful reunions. I met Nathan quite a few years ago now when photographing his sister Alexa's wedding at North Cadbury Court. They are such an amazing family who make you feel a part of the family and day. It was also great getting to know Chris over the little time we spent together. The day was celebrated at the beautiful deconsecrated church which is now the Landmark Art Centre in Teddington, London. It felt like the perfect space to experience Nathan’s connections to the music world but also a free space to celebrate their love.

We all get emotionally moved at weddings but it’s not always the things that you expect. Chris giving thanks to all the people that have gone before that have made a gay wedding/marriage possible was a powerful moment for me. I think it’s important that we take moments to recognise how lucky we are as a none marginalised group and the struggles that gay people and others experienced just to get the same human rights! Also to give thanks that we have made progress and that we can now celebrate all these beautiful moments that Nathan and Chris’s Landmark Arts Centre wedding has given us!

Landmark Arts Centre Wedding

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