As a creative, it’s not always easy to like your own work. It’s a natural desire to always want to improve and produce better work. So you are inclined to look for the faults. If there is a set of images I am very proud of then that would definitely be The Crawford’s family photographs. It was an amazing idea to photograph Kiki’s first year every three months, but it’s more than that. When people allow you into their lives, be vulnerable and you capture precious intimate moments, then it’s special. There is a great Ted Talk by Brene Brown on “The power of vulnerability” which I try and get all my couples and families to watch. Her “research” showed vulnerability is the start of where all great things occur!

I first photographed Charlie when he was only a few weeks old. So when Ian and Anna asked me back to photograph Charlie again when he was nearly two…. I knew we would capture some special moments. Thanks to everyone who opens up and allows themselves to be vulnerable. Good. Things. Happen.


family-Photography_0001 family-Photography_0002 family-Photography_0003 family-Photography_0004 family-Photography_0005 family-Photography_0006 family-Photography_0007 family-Photography_0008 family-Photography_0009 family-Photography_0010 family-Photography_0011 family-Photography_0012 family-Photography_0013 family-Photography_0014 family-Photography_0015 family-Photography_0016 family-Photography_0017 family-Photography_0018 family-Photography_0019 family-Photography_0020 family-Photography_0021 family-Photography_0022 family-Photography_0023 family-Photography_0024

2 Years

family-Photography_0025 family-Photography_0026 family-Photography_0027 family-Photography_0028 family-Photography_0029 family-Photography_0030 family-Photography_0031 family-Photography_0032 family-Photography_0033 family-Photography_0034 family-Photography_0035 family-Photography_0036 family-Photography_0037 family-Photography_0038 family-Photography_0039 family-Photography_0040 family-Photography_0041 family-Photography_0042 family-Photography_0043 family-Photography_0045 family-Photography_0046 family-Photography_0047 family-Photography_0048 family-Photography_0049 family-Photography_0050 family-Photography_0051 family-Photography_0052 family-Photography_0053 family-Photography_0054 family-Photography_0055 family-Photography_0056 family-Photography_0057 family-Photography_0058 family-Photography_0059 family-Photography_0060 family-Photography_0061 family-Photography_0062 family-Photography_0063

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